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 In October, 2010, New York State became the last state in the country to recognize no-fault divorce.  This means that a spouse can seek the dissolution of the marriage based upon the “irretrievable breakdown in the marriage”.   So long as the economic issues are resolved by the parties or determined by the court, the marriage [...]

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If my spouse committed adultery, do I get a larger portion of marital assets? In other words, if one spouse is to blame for the reason for divorce, will the “good” spouse be rewarded in court through a more favorable distribution of assets settlement? It would seem good reason that if there was misconduct on [...]

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One of the major differences between a litigated divorce and a mediated divorce is time and money. A mediated divorce can often be resolved in as little as 4-6 weeks for just  a few thousand dollars (or less, if the couple resolves the financial and visitation issues  and prepares the papers themselves) while a litigated [...]

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